January 20,2012 >> Last News << Only a few people survived this malicious attack and now team up to kill whoever has been infected by this virus
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 [March 11, 2012] Status: [||||||....] => 60% Finished.

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PostSubject: [March 11, 2012] Status: [||||||....] => 60% Finished.   Sat Mar 10, 2012 2:46 pm

I think the v1.0 will be released soon !

This is what I have now :

My ideas (added) :

-Skills (Medic, HelicopterPilot, Regeneration, Mechanic)
  Medic can heal a player with a percent ( /c heal moby 100 => if the player have 12 hp, he will have 24 ! (100%)
  Mechanic can repair a vehicle and fill it .
  HelicopterPilot can drive the helicopter
  Regeneration => HP Regeneration
 -You can search in some shops like Tool Shop (Ammu-Nation), CafeBar and Clothes Shop (binco)
 -Is a random skin when you will spawn
 -Design (Vegetation on street (with pickups), abandonated cars)
 -Status (Infected,Human,Zombie) => If you are zombie and kill a human, he will be infected, if an infected will kill a zombie, will be human, if etc.)
 -Fuel System + Attempt engine start ("Engine started" , "Engine failed to start")
 -Random Health on Fuel System and Vehicle Health
 -Zombie have just Katana (Katana updated in 1 or 2 seconds ... i don't remember right now)
  This "Katana Update" need to stop the zombie to can take/fight with another wep.
 -You can find in the shops (/c search) some weps, medicine or energy drink.
      Medicine (B) is for can save an infected from his infection
      Energy Drink is for more health
      (/c inject || /c injectplayer)
 -Your Money,Health,Armour,Coords,Score,Medicine,Energy,Skills,Status,Kills,Deaths are saved ! (Register System from GUPS with MORE updates)
  -If a vehicle have 400- HP , will be undriveable

What I want to add in + :
-A story like an experiment of 4 savants . This infected Much part from Haiti
 -Admin CMDS ( + Level of course)
 -Status Update (With "GameTextForPlayer")
 -An Real Effect Decreas Health (I need something like "OnPlayerDecreaseHealth" like in Squirrel)
  I will make this effect with TogglePlayerWhiteScanlies (or something like this) => when player decrease health, to appear a very hard "fog" (whitescanlies" and after 500 mseconds to dissapear)
 -And much more but ... i don't remember right now


Sorry for my bad english !
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[March 11, 2012] Status: [||||||....] => 60% Finished.
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