January 20,2012 >> Last News << Only a few people survived this malicious attack and now team up to kill whoever has been infected by this virus
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 Zombie Invasion v1.0 || Mod: Infected RPG [PUBLIC]

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PostSubject: Zombie Invasion v1.0 || Mod: Infected RPG [PUBLIC]   Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:46 am

A few years ago in Haiti, a monkey was used as a laboratory rat by four scientists in order to cure a wide-spread plague. It is believed that the disease appeared when a mysterious monkey had bitten a person, which ended up in the person acquiring many strange little dark spots on his body.

Many scientists tried to cure this virus of sorts but whatever method they used failed; drugs, medications, everything they tried – the body rejected it and ended up multiplying the dark spots it already had on the body.

These four scientists tried to introduce Iron into their experiments and realized that if they injected just enough into the body, the spots would disappear within a very short amount of time.

After many experiments and trials, the doctors had finally managed to destroy the monkey plague. They had decided to take the risk of introducing a human instead of a monkey and to their luck – nothing had happened, for the meanwhile at least. The human did not seem to have developed any dark spots but instead had foam going out of his mouth with an uncontrollable speed. The doctors had tried to escape the laboratory but unfortunately the zombified human bit them too fast.

It was said that these infected victims came to Haiti and started taking everyone over to their side, biting and infecting them with the same malicious virus that had already infected them. Thus became what we see now, the Zombie Haiti.

Only a few people survived this malicious attack and now team up to kill whoever has been infected by this virus and make a quick escape out of this “Bermuda Triangle” of zombies.

(Thank You Morphine cuse you correct my story !)

I'm happy to say: "Official I finished my project: Zombie Invasion !" [size=5pt](yaaay)[/size]

Name: Zombie Invasion
Version: 1.0
Mod: Infected RPG
Platform: Pawn
IP: infection.malware-site.www

Are more shops abandonated. You can find something there (/c search) Wink

Sole purpose is to survive !

---------- SKILLS ----------
Regeneration => Your hp is in a continue regeneration
HelicopterPilot => Just You can drive the helicopter
Mechanic => You can repair your car and fill it ! (/c repair, /c fill)
Medic => You can heal you and another player ! But Attention , you can heal with percents ! (2%,26%,66%,100%) (/c heal)

(If You have 30 hp and you want to heal with 100% you will have 60 hp )

---------- TEAMS ----------
Zombies => If you want to be human, need first to kill 5 humans and after this type /c human

---------- SETTINGS ----------
If a zombie kill you , and you are human, you will be Infected !
If you are infected and you kill a zombie, you will be human !
If you are zombie, and you kill an infected, the infected will be zombie !

Infects and Humans are Humans.
Zombies are ... Zombies.

If a human/infect kill another human/infect , the killer will die too , cuse you can't kill your partner !

---------- ITEMS ----------
Medicine B => You can found it in Tool Shop !
You can inject (/c inject) this medicine in you if you are infected !
But you can inject another player (/c injectplayer) with your medicine too !
Energy => You can found it in Tool Shop !
This item is injectable like MedicineB ! This give you +10 health

If you want to know more about the server, Join to the server


Sorry for my bad english !
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Zombie Invasion v1.0 || Mod: Infected RPG [PUBLIC]
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